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Wisconsin Arts Board Welcomes Summer Interns!

The WAB is delighted to welcome Sami Lampe from Carthage College, and Shane Matthias and Tamara Rodriguez from the UW-Madison PEOPLE's Program onto our staff for the summer! 

 Samatha Lampe

Samantha Lampe: "I am a senior at Carthage College, where I am studying Music and History of the Arts, focusing on Piano Pedagogy and on how music and art are incorporated in the community.  I am very excited to be interning at the Wisconsin Arts Board this summer and learning about how the arts at the government level get involved in the community.  This summer, I hope to gain more knowledge about the relationship between WAB and the artists of Wisconsin and understand more about the grant application process.  In college, I have come to enjoy the various forms of art that are out there and I look forward to helping and learning about the many different art communities in Wisconsin."

Shane Matthias: "I am currently an International Baccalaureate Visual Arts student at Rufus King High School in Milwaukee, primarily working in 2D media and clay sculpture, with a particular focus on drawing. Because I was really interested in my school’s art program and the promotion of arts within schools, I was really drawn to the opportunity to work for the Wisconsin Arts Board.  I hope to get an idea of how the state government works to secure funding for arts programs and organizations across the state. During my internship with the WAB I would like to gain insight into the grant-making process and how the decisions made by the WAB and the Legislature affect the arts at a local level. I will assist the Creative Wisconsin project in order to promote promising organizations within the arts and to become more aware of these organizations in my community. I also would like to contribute to the redesign of the WAB website to make it easier to navigate. As a target demographic of the website, I have an understanding of what people like me will be drawn to, and so I can assist in helping design for that demographic."


Tamara Rodriguez: "My name is Tamara Rodriguez and I am interning at the Wisconsin Arts Board which I was drawn to due to their positive involvement with the state of Wisconsin as well as my passion for art. I have always had great interest in visual art, but the one area that always been intriguing to me is surrealism for its unorthodox mannerisms. While interning at the Wisconsin Arts Board for the next 5 weeks, I hope to learn more about the business aspect of art as well as more of the creative and innovative side that the Wisconsin Arts Board provides. This would involve grants that are given to manage art, as well as the creativity that is put into the art that is distributed across the state. I’d also like to contribute to the board by offering a new voice to the art conversation by providing insight from a personal perspective in order to hopefully help the Wisconsin Arts Board progress. Overall, I hope to learn from this incredible experience and opportunity in order to better myself as a young art student."